Strengthening the Civil Society & businness networking of female enterpreneurs & exchange of experience

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The project Euro-FEM aims to improve the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship and employment empowerment under the cooperation among EU and Turkish chambers and stakeholders. Particularly, Euro-FEM project would like to increase the representation of European and Turkish female entrepreneurial activities by actively participating in the EU-Turkey dialogue.

Euro-FEM will go beyond national and regional activities since it will create a common strategy in female entrepreneurship that will increase the connection and coordination of local business communities throughout all the business communities in Turkey and EU.

Euro-FEM offers the opportunity for a large variety of business in multiple sectors to be part of the actions while beneficiating from the outcomes. More specifically, female entrepreneurs and their business will receive a special support as many actions will concentrate on improving their position, operation and development through 10 trainings and local/topical seminars. They will be the engine of the implementation of all these strategies. The project is looking to put female entrepreneurs as the key to long-term changes with the support of chambers and stakeholders.

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